Mind your Manners! #whineandcheese

I ache to understand humans and why they act they way they act. I’ve always felt incredibly”normal” which is why I think crazy people intrigue me. I remember being little and wondering why it was so easy for me to understand kindness, patience, love, and respect and why others just could not.

Today I held the door open for a man carrying two coffees on his way out of Starbucks. “You are so incredibly kind,” he said, “have a great day, Sweetheart.” He was so appreciative. Later that day (on my second trip to Starbucks) I approached the door steps behind someone who then proceeds to let the door slam in my face. A feeling of hostility rushed over me. Why are you so much more important than me? Egotistical asshole…

It’s so simple. Be kind. Think of others. I’ll be happy you helped me and in turn you will be happy for being a stand-up guy. Instead, I hate you for the next 5 minutes of my life…

As I grow older, I realize that people choose on a daily basis whether to be selfish or selfless. I think the world would be a better place if individuals made a conscience decision every day to chose kindness over selfishness at least once in their day. So open the door for someone today even if they’re 200 ft away, let someone cut in front of you in line, or simply look up from your cell phone and smile at the person walking past you on the street. Be a good human today. 🙂


Cheers! 11.13.11

We spent all day setting up and it looked beautiful. Candle lit and counters filled with cheese, sausage, and sliced bread. The guys showed up in full suits and the girls in gorgeous cocktail dresses. It really was one classy event.  I always enjoy my vacations to Northern California to see my best friends but this one was extra special because it was Amanda’s 26th bday weekend!  Being the creative person that she is and having a love for all types of wine (especially Italian) it was only fitting to have a wine party to celebrate.

Amanda is also the only person I know that would “randomly” have empty wine barrels in her garage (perfect for the party decor of course).  We sipped wine, wondered amongst each station, and caught up with good friends. One of my favorite parts of the night was watching the “tasting game” unfold. Each person tested a series of 10 wines and tried to guess the type and price. I only made it through about 3 until I lost track….

The night continued and the alcohol started to soak in and that’s about when everything got a little silly. What a great night! 🙂

I’m back!

Hello, Again!

If you were wondering where I’ve been well….I’ve been away for a while dealing with the sky-high ups and the deep down lows of every day life but I’m back and ready to spill the beans yet again. Oh, what a rollercoaster life can be. Many of things I’ve experienced in the last few weeks have been triumphant and exciting while others have been rough and a challenge to work though. With that being said, all is in the past and I am ready to blog away.

In my upcoming posts I will be sharing all the exciting things I’ve been up to over the past few weeks including my trip to Sacramento, running my first 5K, my plans to run a half marathon and many  many more!  🙂

Until tomorrow…

Kimberly ♥

A change of scenery

I’m not big on running outside but when I do…I make sure to run around our community lake. It’s 1.15 miles around and full of fellow exercisers. If you’re strictly a gym person I highly recommend running/walking around a body of water every once in a while. Not only is it great exercise but it is also visually stimulating. Just imagine…

…the wind is gently blowing on your face and the birds are singing as you watch the golden brown leaves fall from the trees surrounding you. It’s peaceful and rejuvenating. 

I just love the fall colors! These are the pictures I took on my iPhone from my run on Sunday. I dare you to try it 🙂

The Virgin

Hi Everyone,

There is something I must get off my chest. I hold a deep dark and very embarrassing secret. Yes, the rumors are true. You can laugh all you want, gasp at my misfortune, or pity the news but ladies and gentlemen…I HAVE ZERO TRAVEL EXPERIENCE; a virgin if you will.

OH the shame…

My mom was a single parent holding a full-time job while caring for myself and my two older sisters. She just didn’t have the time or money for “family vacations” to Paris, Cancun, or even Hawaii like many other people in Orange County I grew up around. I also paid my own way through college so studying abroad was just too big of an expense to consider.

BUT enough with the pity party. I recently decided it’s time to go somewhere. I pulled the trigger and I bought a passport.  But where to??

Here are some places on my tavel bucket list (click on picture for a bigger image):

  • Iceland-My old college dorm mate, Ashley, was chosen to go over to Iceland for soccer and all of her pictures have made me very curious. Below is one of them.

Iceland Steam Baths

  • Venice,Italy (duh)
  • Paris, France
  • Greece
  • Croatia-I don’t even know where it is on the map but every picture I’ve ever seen is so beautiful!

    Croatia: Photo I found on Google

  • Caribbean-I’d like to hang out with Rihanna in Barbados.
  • Japan-My good friend, Taylor, lived and taught English there for two years and never stops talking about how amazing it is

Tokyo: Another Google image

  • New Zealand
  • Whistler, Canada (yep, never been to Canada either)
I’m sure there are so many other places I forgot to mention but these are the top places that came to mind! Where else should I visit?? I’d love your suggestions. 🙂

The Versatile Blogger award!

Thank you Artistry by Adele for nominating me for this award! Just like you, I was unaware that this award existed. What a great way to connect people in the blogging community.

The Rules of the Versatile Blogger Award:

1.  Thank the person(s) who shared the award with you by linking back to them in your post. 

2.  Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know that you included them in your blog post. 

3.  List 7 things about yourself. 

So here it is….

7 things about me:

  1. I’ve been carrying around some type of camera (disposable,digital, video, film) since I was a little girl. 
  2. Ace of Base radio is my favorite channel on Pandora. What?! You know you love them too 🙂
  3. At one point in high school there was no white space on my walls. It was completely covered ceiling to the floor with pictures and posters.
  4. Speaking of high school….I was nominated senior year for prom court. I didn’t win. I was such a nerd in HS so I’m not really sure how I got nominated??
  5. I sing in my car. REALLY loud. Sometimes I forget that my windows are down.
  6. If I could have any occupation in the entire world, I would be a singer in a band. It’s a shame I am tone deaf!
  7. I’m truly interested in each and every person in my life. Tell me your story! I love listening.
Below are some truly versatile blogs that I enjoy on the reg:
I decided to only post 10 blogs that I really truly LOVE and follow. ENJOY!
Whitney Darling -This is hands down my favorite blog to look at. Whitney’s photography captures the true beauty of people and their relationships.
just a little brit – Brittany blogs about everything she does! She’s always keeping herself busy with fun activities and sharing her thoughts with the blogging commmunity!
artistry by Adele – She’s been all over the globe and has the undeniable ability to capture beautiful moments in time with her photography. She’s also a great cook with tempting recipes on her blog!
Tammy Holloway– A blog about “writing” literally! Each post has the word “write” in it. Very interesting!!
California Yoga Sport– One of my best friends lacey has really made a name for herself. She has started her own business, is the star of a popular Advil commercial, and is a major success! Follow her blog/vlog and she will teach you how to stay healthy; body and mind!
Threaded Films \”The Fray\” – If you are in love with LOVE as much as I am you will fall head over heels for this blog. Threaded Films has a blog called “They Fray” and are constantly posting trailers and short clips of the wedding videos they are working on. They are AMAZING.
Madelynne L. Nehl Photography – I LOVE her photography. I aspire to take pictures like these.
Kamee June– My high school yearbook teacher!! She’s one of the reasons I am so in love with photography! She is so talented. Check her out!
The Girl In the Lens– Such a clever and captivating blog. She describes her blog as “a life told through fashion”. Check it out to keep up with what’s happening on the fashion front.
Cosmos and Cleats – Chelsea is a genius! With football season just starting up and baseball in full swing, I would be in the dark without her blog!! Chelsea’s blog is for the ladies that want to know about sports from a girl’s point of view. It’s very informative check it out!

Camera Nerds

Why am I in love? Because Jordan and I can be complete nerds together. We share the same passion. He compliments my creativity and puts in his two sense. The result? SO much FUN!!! Here are some of the pictures from some of our photo adventures in LA.It’s always fun to be a tourist in your own town. Hello Hollywood! 🙂Beautiful sunset off of Jordan’s balcony!
Anyone that knows Jordan knows that he LOVES his flashlight. A cloudy night in Studio City.